Dell OptiPlex 5090 Tower Review: Powerful Performance

Dell OptiPlex 5090 Tower Review: Powerful Performance

When searching for the ideal business desktop PC, it’s essential to consider several crucial factors. Firstly, you need to ensure that it can efficiently handle your everyday business tasks without the need for high graphics or processing power. The Dell OptiPlex 5090 Tower excels in this aspect, providing reliable performance tailored to business needs.

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Good value for an Intel Core i5 desktop, with loads of configurabilityThe base model has only 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD
Intel vPro supportNo Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in base config
Multiple USB and DisplayPort connections
260-watt power supply
Three-year base warranty
Desktop ClassTower
ProcessorIntel Core i5-11500
Processor Speed2.7 GHz
RAM (as Tested)8 GB
Boot Drive TypeSSD
Boot Drive Capacity (as Tested)256 GB
Graphics CardIntel UHD Graphics 750
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro


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Enter the Dell OptiPlex 5090 Tower, starting at $949, and tested for superior performance. This versatile business desktop ticks off most of these requirements, with the option to choose a space-saving Small Form Factor variant at a similar price. Boasting an extensive range of configurations, the OptiPlex 5090 Tower offers remarkable flexibility, ensuring you can find the perfect setup to enhance your business productivity.

Base model

While the base model may appear ordinary in terms of specifications, don’t be deterred. Dell’s powerful configurators make it possible to customize an OptiPlex solution that precisely aligns with your unique needs. In fact, the OptiPlex 5090 Tower’s smaller sibling, the OptiPlex 3090 Small Form Factor, earned our esteemed Editors’ Choice award. This recognition acknowledges the space constraints faced by many businesses today, making the compact form factor a preferred choice over larger chassis that prioritize expandability and drive expansion.

When it comes to finding an exceptional business desktop, the Dell OptiPlex series stands out, and the OptiPlex 5090 Tower offers exceptional versatility and customization options. Streamline your business operations with a PC that meets your specific requirements, and explore Dell’s configurators to unlock the full potential of the OptiPlex lineup.”

How to Determine the Optimal OptiPlex Configuration

When it comes to selecting the perfect setup for your company, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements. The base configuration serves as a starting point for analysis, but additional factors must be taken into account. Prices, physical footprints, processing speed, and optional extras, such as integrated graphics or discrete GPUs, all play a role in determining the ideal configuration. Features like an optical drive, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi can also be considered add-ons.

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Cost-effectiveness, durability, warranty coverage, and security capabilities are additional crucial considerations. By carefully evaluating these factors, businesses can identify the configurations that best align with their unique needs. In some cases, sticking with a basic model may be the most suitable choice.

Finding the right configuration involves a comprehensive assessment of various factors, ensuring that the chosen setup optimally caters to the requirements of the business. Explore the range of options available, prioritize your preferences, and make an informed decision that enhances your company’s productivity and efficiency.”

OptiPlex Warranty and Support Options

The Dell OptiPlex 5090 not only delivers exceptional performance but also comes with a robust warranty and support package. The base warranty offers a generous 36 months of basic on-site service, ensuring that any necessary repairs can be swiftly addressed with convenient on-site assistance during business hours.

Dell goes the extra mile by providing two extended service options: ProSupport and ProSupport Plus. ProSupport enhances the support experience with 24/7 on-site service, access to skilled in-region engineers, and automated issue detection and notification. For even greater protection, ProSupport Plus offers all these benefits along with accidental damage repair, predictive issue detection, malware removal, and PC optimization.

In comparison to consumer-oriented systems like the Dell Inspiron 3891 and competing brands like the Asus ExpertCenter D500 or Apple iMac 24-inch, the OptiPlex 5090 stands out with its comprehensive warranty coverage. While other systems typically offer one year of warranty, Dell’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through with their extended warranty options.

The OptiPlex 5090 also incorporates advanced security features, including Intel vPro technology. This integration with the Intel processors, such as the Core i5-11500 found in the 5090, results in enhanced performance, hardware-based security, remote management capabilities, and platform stability. With the rise of remote work, Intel vPro provides added security measures, enabling IT teams to effectively protect, manage, and repair PCs across the organization, even for off-site devices.

Investing in the OptiPlex 5090 ensures not just high-performance computing. But also peace of mind with comprehensive warranty coverage and cutting-edge security features. Dell’s commitment to customer satisfaction and support makes the OptiPlex series a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Graphic Tests

For Windows PCs, there are two synthetic graphics tests commonly used to assess performance. UL’s 3DMark offers two DirectX 12 gaming simulations: Night Raid, which is more suitable for systems with integrated graphics and less demanding, and Time Spy. Which is more demanding and suitable for gaming rigs equipped with discrete GPUs. Another cross-platform GPU benchmark, GFXBench 5, is utilized to evaluate OpenGL performance.

To showcase the impact of a high-quality graphics card on a PC’s performance, let’s consider the Lenovo Legion as an example. This PC features a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super and achieved remarkable scores of 41,489 on Night Raid and 6,005 on Time Spy. In comparison, the OptiPlex 5090, the fastest among the four units we compared, scored 9,683 and 727 on the same tests, respectively. Despite having similar specifications to the OptiPlex 5090, such as 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i5-10400 processor running at a comparable speed (2.6GHz for the Legion and 2.7GHz for the 5090). The Legion’s graphics performance excelled while its productivity and content creation performance varied.

Furthermore, in terms of Night Raid and Time Spy, the Asus ExpertCenter secured the second position, achieving scores of 5,261 and 434, respectively. Similarly, similar trends were observed in the Aztec Ruins 1440p and Car Chase 1080p tests. The Lenovo Legion claimed the top spot (268 on Night Raid and 125 on Time Spy), followed by the iMac, OptiPlex 5090 (48.3 and 17.6), Asus ExpertCenter, and finally, the OptiPlex 3090.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, Dell OptiPlex 5090 Tower proves a versatile and dependable choice for businesses seeking a high-performing desktop PC. Because of its extensive range of configurations and customization options. It can easily meet the specific needs and productivity requirements of different organizations. Moreover, the warranty and support options provided by Dell, include the base on-site service for 36 months. Furthermore, the additional ProSupport and ProSupport Plus offerings. it ensures peace of mind and prompt assistance in the event of any hardware issues.

Moreover, the inclusion of security features like Intel vPro enhances performance, strengthens hardware security, and enables remote management capabilities. So, with the growing prevalence of remote work, OptiPlex 5090 Tower, backed by Intel vPro, ensures that off-site PCs remain secure. So, it can be effectively managed by IT teams. Overall, the Dell OptiPlex 5090 Tower stands out as a reliable and versatile business desktop solution. Empowering organizations with enhanced productivity, customization options, and comprehensive support.

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