Top Video Editing Computer for 2023: Find Best Option for Editing

Top Video Editing Computer for 2023: Find Best Option for Editing

Finding a Video editing computer can be d difficult task. It also can be a demanding task that requires a powerful computer to handle the heavy processing load, especially when working with high-resolution video. Without a computer that’s up to the task, you risk frequent crashes and an inefficient workflow. Luckily, there are plenty of high-performance computers available on the market, whether you prefer using macOS or Windows.

To ensure optimal performance, you’ll need a computer with a high-end graphics card, a powerful processor, ample RAM, and a high-definition monitor. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get a video editing computer that meets these requirements. We’ve put together a list of some of the best video editing computers for 2023, featuring options for a range of budgets. With our guide, you can find the perfect computer to elevate your video editing capabilities and produce outstanding content.

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If you’re a video editor looking to upgrade your hardware, it’s important to invest in the right computer for your needs. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it can be overwhelming to determine which is the best video editing computer for 2023. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll provide you with the top options for video editing computers in 2023, and help you find the perfect one to enhance your video editing capabilities.

Video Editing Computers (MacOS)

1. iMac (24 Inch, M1)

iMac (24 Inch, M1)
iMac (24 Inch, M1) – Photo Credit:
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When it comes to video editing, finding the right balance between power, performance, and price is crucial. And for those who prefer using macOS, the latest generation of Apple iMac computers may be the best option available.

In particular, the iMac (24-inch, 2021) stands out as an exceptional machine for video editing. Our reviewer gave it a glowing review, and we put it to the test by running multiple streams of 4K video in editing software. The iMac’s multi-core performance handled it with ease, demonstrating its impressive power and efficiency.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a video editing computer and prefer using macOS, the latest generation of Apple iMac computers is a top choice to consider. With the iMac (24-inch, 2021) delivering excellent performance at a reasonable price point, it’s a compelling option for any video editor looking to elevate their work.

Specific Uses For ProductMultimedia, Personal, Business
Personal computer design typeAll in One
Operating SystemMac OS
Memory Storage Capacity256 GB
Screen Size24 Inches
Ram Memory Installed Size8 GB
Model NameiMac
Included ComponentsMagic Mouse, iMac, Power Cord and Power Adapter, Magic Keyboard, USB-C to Lightning Cable
CPU ModelUnknown

2. Apple Mac mini (M1, 2020)

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The Mac mini is a compact yet powerful PC designed for video editing, featuring Apple’s M1 chip with an 8-core GPU and a 16-core Neural Engine. With its small size, it’s a portable desktop that can be easily carried around and paired with one of the best 4K monitors available. The base model comes with a 256GB SSD and four expansion ports for USB or Thunderbolt external storage, as well as HDMI 2.0 for dual display support.

In our review of the Mac Mini M1, we tested its capabilities by editing 8K footage in Final Cut Pro, and it handled the task with remarkable ease and in complete silence. It’s an impressive feat for a PC of this size, and it offers similar performance to the new iMac 24-inch model at a lower price point, without the built-in display. If you already have a preferred monitor, the Mac mini is an excellent alternative to consider and can save you money in the process.

Specific Uses For ProductMultimedia, Personal, Business
Personal computer design typeMini PC
Operating SystemMac OS
Memory Storage Capacity512 GB
Screen Size0.01 Inches
Ram Memory Installed Size8 GB
Model NameMac mini
Included ComponentsPower cord, Mac mini
CPU ModelUnknown

3. Apple Mac Studio

apple mac studio
apple mac studio – Photo Credit: Engadget
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Looking for a top-of-the-line computing powerhouse for your video editing needs? Look no further than Apple’s latest creation, the Mac Studio. With its M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip options, this machine is designed for creative professionals who demand the best in computing power. Our review found that the Mac Studio can handle even the most complex tasks with ease, including editing 8K footage and rendering 3D projects in Houdini.

It’s also virtually silent during operation. While it may be pricier than other options, if you require maximum computing power for video editing, the Mac Studio is a great choice. The only downside is that you’ll need to purchase a monitor separately, but this allows you to choose the exact screen that meets your needs.

Product Specifications
CPUApple M1 Max 10-Core
RAM32GB Unified
Storage1TB SSD
Neural Engine16-Core
Card ReaderUHS-II SDXC
WirelessWi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.0
USB2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
Video Output1 x HDMI
Thunderbolt Ports4 x Thunderbolt 4
Ethernet1 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Operating SystemmacOS

Video Editing Computers (Windows)

1. Microsoft Surface Studio 2,

Microsoft Surface Studio 2
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 – Photo Credit:
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If you’re not a fan of Macs and prefer Windows, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is an excellent option for video editing. It’s praised for its clever design choices and ability to switch colour profiles, which is useful for high-end video editing. The 28-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 4,500 x 3000 pixels is a standout feature, and you can also use peripherals like mice and keyboards for a standard setup.

While the components may not match those of the top iMacs, they are still more than capable of handling most contemporary editing tasks. If you want a great video editing computer that’s not an Apple product, the Surface Studio 2 is an excellent choice.

Specific Uses For Productpersonal, gaming, business
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Memory Storage Capacity1000 GB
Screen Size28 Inches
Ram Memory Installed Size32 GB
Included ComponentsBooklet, Surface Studio Device, Surface Pen, Quick start guide, Surface Mouse, Surface Keyboard, Power cord with grip-release cable, Safety and warranty guideBooklet, Surface Studio Device, Surface Pen, Quick start guide, Surface Mouse, Surface Keyboard, Power cord with grip-release cable, Safety and warranty guide
CPU ModelCore i7

2. HP Omen 30L

HP Omen 30L
HP Omen 30L – Photo Credit:
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If you’re looking for a powerful and affordable video editing PC, then the HP Omen 30L is definitely worth considering. While it may be marketed as a gaming PC, its computing power and graphical performance make it a great option for video editors who need a machine that can handle demanding tasks.

One of the standout features of the HP Omen 30L is its unique design. The glass-heavy style allows you to see the internal components, which not only looks cool but also makes it easy to swap out parts if needed. This means that if you’re someone who likes to customize their computer, you’ll be able to keep the HP Omen 30L up-to-date for years to come.

Under the hood, the HP Omen 30L boasts a healthy 16GB of RAM and excellent graphical performance, which is perfect for intense After Effects work. And if you’re worried about noise, be aware that it does get loud when performing demanding tasks, but it’s hardly a deal-breaker.

Overall, the HP Omen 30L is a great option for those who want a powerful video editing PC without breaking the bank. So whether you’re a professional video editor or just starting out, this PC is definitely worth considering.

Specific Uses For ProductGaming
Operating SystemWindows 11
Memory Storage Capacity11 TB
Ram Memory Installed Size8 GB
SeriesOmen 30L
Included ComponentsMouse, Keyboard
CPU ModelRyzen 5
ColorJet Black
Special FeatureTempered Glass Side Panel, RGB Lighting

3. Lenovo Legion Tower 5i

 Lenovo Legion Tower 5i
Lenovo Legion Tower 5i – Photo Credit:
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If you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly gaming PC that can also handle video editing, then the Lenovo Legion 5i is definitely worth considering. It boasts 10th generation Intel processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics, which may not be the latest, but are still plenty powerful enough for running intensive video editing software and playing the latest AAA games.

With up to 16GB of RAM, you won’t need to worry about performance issues or sluggishness. And, if you require more memory in the future, upgrading is easy, making the Lenovo Legion 5i a very flexible machine. Plus, it has ample storage space, with a 1TB hard drive and 1TB SSD, so you can store all of your video footage and projects without worrying about running out of space.

The design of the Legion 5i is sleek and stylish, with an understated black chassis that looks great in any workspace. Its compact size means it won’t take up too much space on your desk, and it’s relatively easy to upgrade or swap out components if needed. Overall, the Lenovo Legion 5i is an excellent option for anyone who wants a capable gaming PC that can also handle video editing, without breaking the bank.

Specific Uses for ProductMultimedia, Video Editing, Gaming
Unit Count1 Count
Number of Items1
Item Weight30.86 Pounds
Product Dimensions15.57 x 8.07 x 16.54 inches; 30.86 Pounds
Item model number90SU0018US
Batteries1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Can You Use a Gaming PC For Video Editing Computer?

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile computer for your video editing needs, a gaming PC may be a great option for you. Gaming computers are designed to handle demanding games and have high-performance hardware that is also ideal for running video editing software.

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A fast processor, a powerful graphics card, and plenty of RAM are all important components for a gaming PC, and they are also crucial for video editing. In fact, many manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, and HP offer customizable systems that can be configured to meet your specific needs.

One of the advantages of using a gaming PC for video editing is the large amount of storage capacity they typically have, which is essential for saving large 4K video files. Additionally, gaming desktops often support high-quality displays, including 4K, 144Hz monitors, which are great for editing high-resolution video.

While gaming PCs may have a distinct aesthetic, featuring plenty of RGB lighting and a gamer-oriented design, they are a practical and cost-effective alternative to specialized workstations for creative professionals. So, if you’re in the market for a powerful computer that can handle both gaming and video editing, a gaming PC may be the right choice for you.

Video Editing Computer Lagging Reason

Lag can be a frustrating issue when it comes to video editing. It can occur due to several reasons, including insufficient hardware specifications or outdated software. If you’re facing such issues, it’s essential to identify the root cause and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

Before opting for expensive upgrades or replacements, there are some basic fixes you can try. Restarting your computer can sometimes be an effective solution. Dividing your project into smaller sections can also help reduce the strain on your computer’s processor. Updating your video drivers or defragmenting your hard drive may also help improve performance.

If these basic fixes don’t work, upgrading specific components such as your RAM, CPU, or graphics card can help enhance your computer’s performance. If your computer is modular, replacing individual components is a more affordable option than purchasing a brand new machine. With the right upgrades, you can significantly improve your computer’s ability to handle intensive tasks such as video editing.

In summary, don’t let lag hinder your video editing workflow. With a few basic troubleshooting steps and possibly some hardware upgrades, you can overcome these issues and ensure a smooth editing experience.

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